If you’re planning a gathering, whether it’s a small house party or a large event in a swanky banquet hall, what sort of entertainment you’re going to have has probably crossed your mind. Even if you’re only having a couple of friends over for dinner, you still probably give a few thoughts over to what sort of music to play, and what kind of mood you want to set for your guests, taking into account what their tastes are, how long you expect them to be there, the time of day, and so on.

One of the things that signals how much importance a host or hostess has put on the event is the amount of time and effort they’ve put into it; and nothing signals “high importance” the way that hiring outside help does, regardless of whether that help is catered food, hired waitstaff, or live entertainment. There are a great many choices available for atmosphere and/or entertainment today that don’t involve a live person–playlists, streaming services, themed content on your large-screen TV, and so on–why would you bother to hire another human, when so many other choices exist that are easier and, frankly, probably cheaper? Because live entertainment is … well, live. There is a human connection that cannot be ignored or tuned out the way something digital can be and usually is.

During a live Middle Eastern Dance show, whether it’s in your small living room, your backyard, or in a large hall, all of your guests are compelled to bring their attention together, all at the same time, on the same thing. It’s a group cohesion event, a shared experience, and it’s something rare these days. Although we’re more “connected” than ever before thanks to our digital devices, we have lost the necessity (or opportunity) of coming together physically on a regular basis, face-to-face, sharing energy, physically present with one another. Social scientists point out that we primates are group animals, and the shared group experience is a necessary bonding element that is essential to our mental and physical well-being. So when you hire a live entertainer, one who has crafted a show with your guests and your particular setting in mind, you’re bringing in a person who brings all of your guests together to share in the same joyous experience.

In addition to bringing your group together, you’re hiring an entertainer that is doing something 100% unique. No matter how well-trained or rehearsed, each moment of each show will only happen once, and it’s happening for YOU, and only you, right then and there. When you spend your hard-earned dollars on a belly dancer who shows up at your event, you’re not just paying for that 25-minute show, you’re paying for all of the things that go into making that show possible–everything from years of training, to that person’s musical expertise and interpretation, their cultural knowledge, the elaborate costuming, the hours just that day of preparation and logistics–the list can go on and on. This is what you’re bringing to your event, and the feeling they leave your guests with is why live entertainment matters.

So for your next occasion, large or small, consider hiring a live Middle Eastern dancer, so your party can really shine!

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